Where is the Best Kite Surfing in Hawaii?

Kite surfing is both a popular sport and major industry in Hawaii. Few places are probably as ideal for this sport as the Hawaiian islands, so it is probably not as well-known in the rest of the country as other sports. For those who have yet to experience it, kite surfing is the marriage of wake boarding and wind surfing, and the weather conditions on the islands make them a perfect haven for those who love the sport, as well as those adventure lovers who have yet to give it a try.

Beginners are strongly encouraged to take lessons before trying kite surfing on their own. Kite Surfing Hawaii is a top facility for those who want to learn. The Honolulu Kite School also rates highly with their clients.

So, where is the best kite surfing in Hawaii? There are several locations that are well known for being perfect kite surfing spots, thanks to great wind, surf, and beach conditions. Beginners should consider starting out at NASKA or Action Beach, at Kite Beach. Kite surfers with more advanced skills might prefer Pro Beach (Ka’a Point). These locations are part of Kanaha Beach Park. It’s a favorite location, according to the Maui Kiteboarding Associaton.

Kailua Beach Park is another great location, legendary for its stellar conditions. Winds run at an average of 16 knots in summer time, and wide stretches of beach make for easier launches. The winds are strong enough to make the ride an adventure, and they tend to blow parallel to the beach.

Whether you are just learning about this exciting sport or you are an old hand at kite surfing, the beautiful Hawaiian islands have something to offer you, and plenty of fellow enthusiasts to show you the ropes or cheer you on as you catch the perfect wave.

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