Tips for the open water

If you like to swim in open water, but feel like you are not good enough, then it’s just a matter of reading this article. In fact, you can become an excellent open-water swimmer faster and easier than you think. It’s just a matter of focusing on things that really matter, on things that will make of you a better swimmer and that’s exactly what we are going to discuss on this new release.

Get Rid Of The Fear:

One of the things that may holding you back in your progress as an open-water swimmer is the fact that you are scared of the sea – but it’s pretty normal. During our childhood we have seen movies about sea monsters or just news on how a shark devoured a man in a matter of seconds – but you need to get rid of this fear if you want to become a better swimmer.

That’s why we say that swimming in open water is FAR more challenging that swimming in a pool. In the pool you are pretty safe and you have almost no chance of suffering an accident. In the open water you only have to rely on your selves and few other mates around you. You need to realize that you are afraid of this situation, because only with acceptation from your part you will be able to fight back this issue.

The only thing we can recommend you to fight this fear, is to just swim as much as possible. You need to fight this fear by actually doing what you are supposed to do: swim. But don’t be stupid, if you realize the sea is pretty wild, you should return to the shore. Because you need to be smart at the same time, and be capable of recognizing when the sea is just too wild.

That’s why you should always test the water before swimming, you shouldn’t be afraid of the sea, but you should ALWAYS respect it – remember this important piece of advice.

Build Some Muscle:

You need to build muscle if you want to swim faster and get less tired. That’s why we recommend you to hit the gym and get a good weightlifting program, because this will allow you to build muscle, gain strength and power – these are the elements you need to become a better swimmer in open-water.

Fitness out of the water plays a huge role, more important than what you realize right now. Adding more muscle to your body won’t make you slow or bulky as some people seem to state, to the contrary, you will be able to swim faster and with more confidence in yourself.


You need to strengthen your body and mind if you want to become better at swimming in open water. You need to combat your fear and also need to build some muscle and strength – these are the tips we needed to give you, so that you can become a much better swimmer!

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