Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 100 dollars for the Man Cave


Bluetooth speaks can help a person hear their music, television, and movies with clarity. This sound will allow a person to have theater quality sound in their own home. Here are some of the best Bluetooth speakers under 100 dollars for the man cave.

 Sharper Image 5BT5002 Water and Light Show Bluetooth Streaming Speakers

These speakers not only found great but they put on an awesome show as well. That is one of the reasons why they are the best Bluetooth speakers for the man cave. When the music or show is playing the speakers will put on a light display. They are filled with water that can turn blue or purple. The lights will play to the beat of the music. These speakers use 4.0 technology so they are able to connect to a number of different devices. The speakers also come with a subwoofer for additional bass sound. Not only will they sound great they will put on a cool light show as well.

 Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bluetooth Speaker

What makes this speaker truly special is that it is in the shape of the millennium falcon for star wars. This is one of the best speakers for the man cave because it combines the love of loud music with the love many men have for Star Wars. This speaker is wireless and can stream audio up to 30 feet away from the device. It has powerful and clear sound. A man can even use this speak to call and speak on a phone using the speakerphone feature. The Falcon will light up when it is in use. This speaker takes two things a man loves and puts them in one cool device.

Death Star Bluetooth Speaker

This is another great speaker for a man that is a fan of Star Wars. The speaker is in the shape of the death star. It is wireless and is compatible with a number of different devices. This speaker is also portable so a man can take it to and from his man cave.

Om/ One World’s First Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker is one of a kind and is a must have for the man cave. The Bluetooth speaker is able to levitate. This speaker can be linked with a phone or other device that is up to 33 feet away from it. This speaker will allow a man to answer and talk on the phone with the use of a special microphone. The speaker will levitate over the base. This is a one of a kind speaker and will make any man cave look great.

These are some of the great speakers for the man cave. They do more than just play music. These speakers have a unique design. They will really stand out. While they are playing music other men will admire how cool they speakers are and wish they had one for their man cave as well now. Not a man can impress others with the sound and designed of his man cave speakers.