Snorkeling Maui…at it’s Best!

If you are looking for exceptional snorkeling opportunities, Maui is the place to visit. Maui Island comes with amazing scenery accompanied with so much to exploit and venture into. Best part is that anyone can snorkel in Maui thanks to the free access. There are different spots that should capture your attention.

Why snorkeling is great in Maui

Generally, you can snorkel in several spots in different parts of the world. However, Maui has captured the attention of many due to the following reasons.

Easy beach access

You have a variety of beaches to choose from with many providing free access. All you have to do is schedule in your own convenience. There are no formal restrictions.

Exploit the beautiful hard corals

Nothing completes snorkeling without the site of beautiful hard corals. While they are evidently available, you will find some hot spots with amazing tall coral heads as well as healthy coral that you will live to remember.

Wide turtle selection

Green sea turtles are evidently found in Maui. You can explore their beautiful and graceful nature in a majority of the hot spots. Take your time and appreciate what they have to offer. After all, they are known not to shy away and considering they cannot dash off, you have all the time.

Amazing tropical fish

Other than turtles, there is an array of colorful fish. There is a variety of tropical fish you can dine with. The species and size differ.

The water depths are amazing for snorkeling

Every snorkeler understands the importance of water depth for snorkeling. The depth is encouraging and you can spend hours on end as long as you have the right equipment.

The difference in snorkeling in Maui from other parts of the world is because it is exposed and is not located in protected coves and bays. In this, you will be out in Open Ocean conditions with most of them located in rocky points between beaches. It is also not too crowded so you the opportunities of exploiting the very best is at its peak.

The top 3 snorkeling hot spots?

Turtle Town

Just as the name suggests, this is the ideal spot for seeing the Green Hawaiian sea turtle. However, it is not limited to just turtles. Other reasons that make this spot popular are its calm wind environments, clear and cool waters, as well as its gentle slope

Molokini Crater

This is an underwater volcano islet is also a conservation district seabird sanctuary. Its distinct crescent shape offers a basin boosting marine breeding and feeding. It is accommodative to both beginners and professional snorkelers.

Coral Gardens

Coral gardens is home to different species of brightly colored fish and outstanding coral reefs. There are also some Green Hawaiian turtles. Marine life is diverse so you can explore to the fullest. The clear waters and adequate ocean depths make it even better for explorers.

Snorkeling Maui has so much to offer snorkelers in terms of marine life diversity, beautiful coral reefs, as well as an accommodating environment with clear waters and easy to access beaches. Have your snorkeling gear and make the best of your experience in one of the best snorkeling sites across the globe.