Take a Break from the Water: Montana Hiking at its Best

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Hiking Montana paths and experiencing the treasures is something that will captivate every nature enthusiast out there. Montana is the land of peaceful hiking trails, pristine streams, and powder-rich sky areas. This is the ultimate destination for those who want to backpack into the deep woods to experience the serenity that nature has to bring.

So far, Montana boasts of being home to two major National Parks namely Glacier and Yellowstone. In addition to this, the area is quite endowed with several recreational facilities and state parks.

Glacier National Park sits on 1000,000 acres of land which is covered by alpine meadows, lakes, and forests in general. The naturally glaciated land is considered a paradise for those who want to experience what real hiking feels like.

On the other hand, Yellowstone boasts of being home to the largest active volcano in existence today. The land is endowed with many other geothermal wonders to marvel about.

And whether you’re looking to catch a blue ribbon trout or an elk, the natural streams of Montana will let you do that since this is a premiere land of hunting and fishing. Moreover, there are 4 distinct seasons that attract different kinds of activities among hiking lovers. As long as you have an affinity to hike the woods, the ecosystem will naturally give you something to marvel about. It will present numerous opportunities for indulging in your hobbies.

You should expect the following activities when you visit Montana for hiking or other purposes:

1 Rafting

2 Horseback riding

3 Hiking

4 Skiing

5 Mountain biking

6 Snowmobiling

The 4 distinct seasons, namely summer, winter, spring and autumn will present something for everyone to love. You can indulge in any of the activities mentioned above. The big sky has everything worth enjoying beneath it.

Highlight of some of the most enjoyed hiking/trail sites in Montana

Trail of the cedars

This trail is found inside Glacier National park. It’s a short loop which passes through a dense cedar forest and emerges at Avalanche Gorge. The good thing with this hiking trail is that it was also created to accommodate those on wheelchair.

This hiking trail also has many informative signs that explain the flora and fauna at various points along the path. You can also take kids here too.

The beaten path

This is a 25 miles path of picturesque backpacking traversing the 944,000 acres of Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness. Lakes and streams emerge at every corner of the path. It’s a good hiking trail for those who appreciate the varying scenes of pure wilderness or those who have an affinity for hooking fish along the way.

Granite peak

Granite Peak is located in the Beartooth Wilderness, specifically in the Rockies of the 200 feet long summit block. It’s a challenge to get yourself up here. And when you finally get yourself up on the peak, it will look unbelievable. Also, an alternative route to the summit is that which takes you across the snow bridge. This route is easier to take but again, riskier.


This is not a complete list of areas you can visit as far as hiking Montana is concerned. You could explore Cinnamon lookout, Gallagator trail, Drinking Horse trail among others. There is no shortage of hiking paths here. There is no running out of activities you can partake in.