Summer Tips for Snorkeling

As we gear up for another long, hot and (hopefully) fun summer, we wouldn’t want to miss this chance to offer our most advantageous snorkeling tips we have.

Over years of experience and tour giving in El Tur, we are pretty much snorkeling pros at this point.

Of course, these tips don’t mean anything great without having the proper, quality snorkel gear that you need.  We recommend that you either rent for us when you arrive or you look for a quality snorkel gear brand prior to your tour.  

Look particularly for brands such as US Divers, Cressi, Promate, Tribord, Mares and others.

FIT: Mask on the face where it feels comfortable. Make sure every hair is masked. Breathe in your nose and see if you can suck. Good suction is usually good fit.

STRAP: Place a mask on your face, and pull the strap on your face. Keep strap up on your back and over your ears. Make sure it’s clever, but not too tight.

DEFOG: Squirt a few drops of defog solution inside a dry mask and rub it. Rinse off, not fresh water. Rinse off. After rinsing, place the mask on your face.

MASK CLEARING: Press the mask top, blow your nose and look up. Press the sides of the mask, blow your nose and look down with a purge mask.

SNORKEL FIT: Bite on the bite tabs and place the lips over your mouthpiece carefully. Your lips create the seal to keep water out. You’re going to break the seal and water comes in when you smile.

SNORKEL CLEARING: Water from the snorkel is easy to get out of. Say’ two’ by force and sprinkle water with purge.

BREATHING WITH A SNORKEL: deep and slow breathing. Look out at an angle of 45 degrees. Keep out of water snorkeling.

FINS FIT: Situate foot in the foot pocket (no right or left usually).

FINS FIT: Stand up and lift and heal. If the healing remains snug, the fin will fit. Don’t go on with your fins. It’s not like trying shoes. Use big slow kicks.

KICKING: Move your legs slightly from your hips and bend your knees. Keep underwater fins, not above water. Avoid kicking bicycles (big knees) or flutter kicking. Keep your arms side by side.

We know that these tips alone can’t ensure that you have a great and safe snorkeling experience this summer but we know that they are a good start.  IF you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the comments section below.


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