Snorkling, Free diving, Skin diving – the key differences

Have you ever wondered what the difference between snorkeling, skin diving and free diving is? Today we are going to solve this doubt and question of yours, because we consider it critical to have a pretty exact knowledge on what each sport is about. It’s our duty to inform you of the differences and what makes each one of these aquatic sports unique on its kind and different from the rest – so stay here and read every single thing we have to share with you in this amazing, exciting and pretty good article.

We will dedicate to each activity its own section, so stay here and read. Let’s begin with snorkeling.


Snorkeling is without any doubt the most popular choice for those who want to dive without the help of heavy gear like scuba divers do. A lot of people give snorkeling a try ever year, be it in their hometown or during their holidays.

What makes snorkeling pretty unique? Well, all the people who want to do snorkeling will have to use full-foot fins, a snorkel (duh!), a mask and that’s it. Some people also like to wear a buoyancy vest so that they can float easily and without any further complication, but there are those who don’t like to wear this kind of vest.

When you are snorkeling, all you have to do is to swim in the surface and just look down to that mysterious aquatic universe under you.


Free Diving:

Now it’s time to talk about free diving. Free diving is pretty unique in its kind, because it’s the only activity that’s aimed for competition and uses techniques that allows the participant to absorb as much air as possible and use the minimum of water while underwater.

The masks used for free diving are pretty light, and people use to dive vertically as well as horizontally. The goal in free diving is to remain underwater the maximum time possible, this is where the difference between free diving and snorkeling becomes pretty evident.

Skin Diving:

Skin diving is extremely similar to snorkeling. It’s a term used to people who are ready to dive if they see something that catches their attention. Let’s suppose you are snorkeling and suddenly see a pretty interesting fish you wanna see closer, then if you dive below the surface then you are doing skin diving – it’s as simple as sthat.

The principal difference between free diving and skin diving is that the former is just a variation of snorkeling, while the first one is radically different: it’s aimed for competition, the end goal is to stay under water as much time as possible, and they used a different set of masks and foot-fins, and sometimes hand-fins as well.


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